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Solar PV Combiner Box with Lightning Protection

Solar PV Combiner Box with Lightning Protection

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Solar PV Combiner Box with Lightning Protection

Product Introduction

For large-scale PV grid connected power generation power system, in order to reduce the connecting lines between PV modules and inverter, easy maintenance and improve the reliability, generally it needs to increase the DC bus system between photovoltaic modules and inverter. This PV combiner box is specially designed to meet this requirement, it can match with inverter products to compose complete PV system solution. DK-PV series PV combiner box, there are Surge Protective Device(SPD)in the output terminal, which can protect the DC fuse cutout of the PV combiner box, inverter and other terminal equipments, to ensure the whole PV power generation system operate long-term and


Solar PV Combiner Box with Lightning Protection

Main Function
1. Can simultaneously access multipath solar power photovoltaic array, rated current of each
line can reach 10A, IMax 15A, which can meet the requirements of different clients.
2. Equipped with DC fuse cutout in each input line to avoid system damage from over-current,
make sure the system can operate steadily.
3. Equipped with DC high voltage Lightning Protection module in the output terminal, which can
tolerate Max40kA lightning current.
4. Adopt high voltage breaker, the DC withstand voltage is not lower than DC1000V, safe and reliable.
5. With high power anti-reflaction device, which can avoid the countercurrent flowing backward
due to the malfunction.
6. Protection level is IP65, which meets the using requirement of outdoor installation.

Output Lightning Protection

When lightning occurs, ordinary combiner boxes tend to appear large scale
fusing phenomenon for the DC fuse, which can influence for the whole power system to
work normally, or ever can lead to the equipments damages. DK-PV serial PV lightning
protection combiner box, its input terminal has discharge device which can effectively
protect the DC fuse from the damage of lightning over-voltage and over current, to make
surge the PV power system can long-term work steadily.

Anti-Reflection Function

DK-PV serial Lightning Protection combiner box is designed with large power anti
diode which make it can long-term work steadily in the harsh environment such as high
temperature environment, and can make sure when the PV array is covered or occurs
damages, it can prevent the countercurrent phenomenon and avoid the damages of PV

Technical Parameter

PV panel input line quantity81216
Input VoltageDC 80~1000V
Max currents for each line15A
Max output currents100A160A200A
DC circuit breaker currents100A160A200A
Input line waterproof connectorPG7 (Recommend to use 4 mm2 PV cable)
Output linePG21(Recommend to use 50 mm2 PV cable)
Input lightning Surge Protection parameters
In (8/20us)10kA
Imax (8/20us)20kA
Output lightning Surge Protection Parameters
In (8/20us)40kA
Imax (8/20us)80kA
Working Circumstance
Working Temperatureˉ35℃~+70℃
Relative Humidity0%~98%
Housing material protection levelIP65

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