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Electrolysis Electrode

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Electrolysis Electrode

Product Introduction
DK-AG Electrolysis Electrode adopts the most advance electrolytic grounding technology and patented technology. This technology can reduce the grounding resistance horizontally and vertically under the condition of soil, attaining the good grounding effect. This electrolytic electrode meets the standard of Q/DK01-2001. Its patent number is 012124273.
Item No./Technical Parameter

Item No.

Section Quantity

Length of Each Section

Total Length







Note: Total Length is Not including the down conductor.
Application Scope
1.Widely used in the grounding grid projects of substation, hydropower station, wind power plant.
2.Suitable for grounding grid projects of high mountain base station such as mobile communication base Station, microwave station, and grounding grid project of radio and television broadcast.
3.Grounding grid projects of grounding resistance rate of soil.
4.Suitable for grounding grid projects which the grounding resistance is hard to be reduced by ordinary resistance reduction method, such as grounding grid of computer room, grounding grid of automatic control room and grounding grid of precision equipment.
5.Reduce the grounding resistance to designed value under any soil condition, such as R=0.5Ω below.

Product Structure

Electrolysis Electrode

Construction Diagram

Electrolysis Electrode

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