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Grounding Module

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Grounding Module

Product Introduction
DK-AG/M1 Grounding Module is a grounding electrode with good electrical conductivity and stability. Mainly consisting of non-metallic material, this grounding module increases the current divergence area itself and reduce contact resistance between grounding electrode and soil. It has the function of strong moisture absorbability and moisture retention, lowering the surrounding soil resistance rate.

Item No./Technical Paramete

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Indoor Temperature Resistance


Application Scope
1.Working grounding, safety grounding and Lightning Protection grounding of telecommunication building, mobile communication base station, microwave relay station, satellite earth receive station, radar station, power station, transformer substation, switching station, high-voltage power transmission line, electrified(electric) railway, expressway toll-gate, oil depot, gas station, air station.
2.Working grounding and protection grounding of computer room equipment, radio and television equipment, post and program control equipment, electronic medical devices.
3.Lightning Protection grounding of various of tall buildings, scenic spot of ancient buildings, tall memorial tower, flammable and explosive warehouse.
4.Equipment grounding of security monitoring system, etc.
Construction Method and Precautions

1.Conductor grounding module can be horizontal and vertical burying, and the depth of burying should be more than 0.6 meter. For high soil resistivity area, or low soil resistivity area in the deep-layer, it can be buried properly(it should be buried under the tundra for the high and cold area).
2.The distance should be more than 5 meters if several grounding modules are buried in parallel.
3.The connection wiring should be treated with preservatives(adopt anticorrosion and conductive coating material), making sure the service life of connection wire the same as the service life of grounding module.
4.When the poles of conductor grounding module connect reciprocally or connect with grounding wire, both sides welding should be adopted. The weld length should be more than 100 meters. Empty solder and leakage solder are prohibitive, making sure the reliability of the connection.
5.When using the conductor grounding module, backfill soil should be with low soil resistivity, making sure the conductor grounding module a good contact with the surrounding soil.

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