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Optimized Lightning Rod

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Optimized Lightning Rod

Product Introduction

DK-BG10 Optimized Lightning Rod is designed according to IEC Standard High Voltage Testing Technology First Part: General Definition and Testing Requirement and GB 50057-2010 Design Specification of Building Lightning Protection. This lightning rod adopts fine quality stainless steel material, takes the advantages of rust and corrosion resistance, appealing design, simple construction, safety and reliability, sturdy construction. It is suitable for direct lightning protection of all kinds of buildings.


a. Conduct the direct lightning stroke.
b. Safe and reliable, no radioactive elements, corrosion resistance and good impact resistance.
c. No power supply nor energy dissipation device required .
d. Attractive appearance, stainless steel material, can be set under the severe environment.

Item No/Technical Parameter

Item No.


Discharge Current Capacity


Wind Resistance


Grounding Resistance






Installation Dimension

φ83±0.5; 4-φ14 uniform distribution

Down Conductor

one or several round steel or the same sectional area steel flat.

Application Scope

Suitable for direct Lightning Protection of mobile communication base station, satellite station, warehouse, meteorological observatory, petrol station, airport station, military radar station, etc.

Flange Dimension

Optimized Lightning Rod

Installation Diagram

Optimized Lightning Rod

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