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Equipotential Connector

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Equipotential Connector

Product Introduction
DK-DPT100 Equipotential Connector is used for connecting two grounding grids which are relatively independent and closed, to solve the problem of lightning current counterattacks, protect system and personal safety. The equipotential connector can connect automatically when it is stormy weather or lightning current discharges. The equipotential connector is disconnected status when it isn’t stormy weather.
Technical Parameter

Response Time


Installation Method

Screw Connection

Shell Material

PA66 UL94-V0

(Ex) Grade of Explosion-proof

Relative Humidity

Fire Protection Level


Protection Class


Working Temperature


Relative Humidity


Items Availabl

Item No.

Breakdown Voltage

Discharge Current




Application Scope
1.Equipotential protection between two independent earth poles which are closed.
2.Insulation Protection of insulating flange.
3.Metal device which exceeds more than 1kV voltage with the Lightning Protection grounding grid.
4.Oil transportation(gas transportation) with cathode anticorrosion function.
5.Connection of special equipment and Lightning Protection grounding rid which needs independent grounding.
Installation Diagram

Equipotential Connector

Equipotential Connector

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