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Early Streamer Emission(ESE) Lightning Rod

DK8-BX10 Early Streamer Emission(ESE) Lightning Rod is designed according to IEC Standard. This lightning rod contains two parts: air termination(0.6 meter) and support accessory(1.2 meter), which can ... »

SPD Malfunction Wireless Detector

SPD Malfunction Wireless Detector is designed according to SPD with remote signaling function. It can monitor the status of module power SPD with remote signaling function in real time. It adopts GSM ... »

Grounding Module

DK-AG/M1 Grounding Module is a grounding electrode with good electrical conductivity and stability. Mainly consisting of non-metallic material, this grounding module increases the current divergence a ... »

Guide Lightning Rod

DK-BX10 Early Streamer Emission Lightning Rod can produce leader channel under the effect of cloud field, making sure the direct lightning strike the lightning rod accurately in the scope of protectio ... »

Lightning Peak Value Recorder

Lightning Peak Value Recorder can monitor the lightning status of lightning grounding wire, record the lightning peak value when there is lightning stroke in the lightning protection grounding wire.»

Special Circuit Breaker(SCB)

Special Circuit Breaker(short for SCB) is specially designed for SPD. It doesn’t disconnect under high impulse current and can disconnect quickly when there is power current after SPD breaks down, whi ... »